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Message From The Banking Commissioner

Mr. Jesse Giltamag

"I join the Chairman in welcoming you to our website! Our website is fairly new and is an initiative in progress. Please feel free to contact us should you need additional and/or specific information otherwise not found on our website. The Banking Commissioner is appointed by the President of the FSM and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Banking Board, responsible to it for the execution of its policy and the performance of duties and exercise of powers conferred by the Bank Act of 1980 as codified under 29 FSMC. Our overarching mandates or purposes are: (1) to undertake the licensing and supervision of banks; (2) to protect the interests of depositors; and (3) to promote the soundness, stability, and development of the banking system. As such, feel free to use the Contact Us link located at the bottom of our website if and ever you need further assistance or information."

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